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I just signed a petition to the European Union calling on them to ensure mutual recognition of same-sex families and their parental ties to their children, no matter where they are in the European Union.

Although most countries in the EU allow same-sex couples to marry or enter into registered partnerships, they don’t mutually recognise these families. That means that same-sex parents often lose all rights and legal authority over their kids as soon as they set foot in a different country.

Will you join me and stand up for all the same-sex families in the European Union and their kids, who need to be fully recognised and protected, no matter where they are?


Hello readers! Yes you there, where ever you are…!

Since the beginning of this blog, which was ment to be just a diary for us to write down our thoughts about TTC (trying to concieve) process, it has grown into a lot larger than we ever expected. Since we started on August 12th 2012, so like 8,5 months ago, we’ve had almost 25 000 page views and visitors from 50 different countries from Canada to New Zealand.

And even few visitors are from countries like Mongolia, Belarus, Palestinia, Colombia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Belize and United Arab Emirates!

We’d love to know how you all have found our blog? Who you are? Did you just stumble upon by accient or were you looking for information about LGBT families or same-sex parenting? Have you found some useful information or what are your thoughts about our blog?

All we can see is all your visits, but we (mostly) don’t have a clue how or why you’ve found our blog. So if you wanna share things & thoughts, feel free to comment or if you don’t want to post a comment, feel free to email us to sateenkaariperheeksi(at) !
Cause we wanna know who you are! And if you wish (if you’re sending email) we can also publish your thoughts here anonymously!

There is also a very active and supportive closed Facebook group for LGBT families for people from all over the world, in English! (weather you already have kids, or you’re pregnant, a single gay dad or lesbian mom, or just thinking about starting a non-straight family with your partner or as a single parent!). We have most of the members from US and Europe,but we’d love to have more members from Asia, Africa, South America or Middle East! So email us if you’re interested and you’re on Facebook, so we can give you more information!

So all (friendly) messages are welcome, and we’ll publish email greetings if you wish so (if you don’t feel like you want to comment straight to our blog!