She’s here! <3

Hand in hand with Mommy A.

Our beautiful little girl was born on July 23rd at 11.52pm, so a bit before midight! After 36h of induction and labor, the process was not getting anywhere (even after 3 doses of epidural and with almost maximum dose of oxytocine). So we made a bit hard decision with the doctors to go for c-section.

I (Mommy B) got to see our girl at the baby unit around 2am (July 24th) so like 2 hours after birth. She was, and still is, there because she still has some amniotic fluid in her lungs, but she should be ok pretty soon so she can get upstairs to the maternity ward! Mommy A got off from the OR around 3am and only got to see pics of the baby.

So we went yesterday morning to visit her together. She is the most beautiful baby for us! She weighted 4220g when she was born, so she ain’t a small one and she’s strong and can already hear well our familiar voices! Mommy A is still very sore after the c-section, but is in good hands at the hospital and she’s been able to walk quite nicely already!

So I just cant wait when the baby is ready to “move” to be with Mommy A at the bedside and also I can’t wait to know when my girls can come home! ❤
(Kuvassa näkyvä hetu on väliaikainen, ei oikea…)

She has big feet and long toes, just like her bio-mom (Mommy A)! And she’s 51cm “tall” already! (Don’t know if that’s a lot for a girl…). But anyway as an adult, the odds are, that she’ll be around 180cm tall… So if she’s skinny, she can be a model and if not, I guess she has some basketball skills in her genes! 😀

But we hope that we’ll have more good news later and that we can start a life together at home as soon as possible!

Epiduraalia ja supistuksia | Epidural and contractions

Ensimmäinen annos epiduraalia meni 17.50 ja toinen annos n. 20.00. Avautuminen on vasta puolivälissä, mutta oksitosiiniannos on nyt kolminkertainen aloitusannokseen verrattuna. Eli toivottavasti se hieman nopeuttaisi asioita. Mutta ellei ihmettä tapahdu, niin tuskin vielä tämämänkään vuorokauden puolella mitään tapahtuu… Huomisen puolella (23.7) klo 01.30 on tätä hommaa kestänyt 36h! Eli ainakin täällä on yksi väsynyt synnyttäjä ja yksi malttamaton tukihenkilö… Ja toisaalta myös vähän jo väsynyt “Äiti B”…

First dose of epidural went around 5.50pm and second one around 8pm. We’re already (or still) half way “there”. Oxcytocine dose has been tripled from the start dose, so we’re hoping that it will speed up things for real!

But unless there will be some quick turn with this labour, the “tummyalien” will not born today (July 22) so it goes until 23rd. At 01.30am (July 23rd) so in about 4,5hrs, the labor has lasted 36h…! So there is one tired “Mommy A” giving birth… And “Mommy B” is somewhere between tired, anxious and excited… (Though it gives some boost to be excited, otherwise I’d be half a sleep already…!).

Mutta nyt takaisin katsomaan vaimokkeen vointia js toivottavasti seuraavassa postauksessa on jo jotain vauvauutisia…!! ❤

But now I gotta go back inside and see how wifey is doing, and I hope that next post would be about baby news…!! ❤

Synnytys on alkanut! | Labor has started!

Eilen (22.7) saavuttiin synnärille 12.30. Vajaan vuorokauden balong-käynnistyksen (laitettiin 15.00) jälkeen vedet meni tänään 23.7 10.00, ja nyt (14.00) ollaan jo synnytyssalissa supistelemassa! ❤ Eli jos saataisiin masualien tänään jo maailmaan!

We arrived to the hospital yesterday (July 22nd) After almost 24h foley balloon induction, the waters broke today (July 23rd) at 10am and now (2pm) we are already at the delivery room and Mommy A is having tons of hard contractions already! So we hope that we'll meet our beautiful "tummyalien" today! ❤