8 weeks tomorrow!

For the last 6 weeks we’ve been kinda “busy” with everyday life and with colic… still! Little girl has been crying every night with clear signs of tummy pains at least for 3 hours, during the worst nights from 6 pm to 3 am, and one weekend I got to sleep around 4.30 am… And her daytime naps are very short, like half an hour and the maximum sleep time at night has been 4 hours straight at best.

Our friends borrowed us a nice bouncing/vibrating bouncer/babysitter (by Fisher Price) which also has and extra “toy bar” which includes some nice polarbears, a turtle and colorful fish parts with music and moving parts (and the “songs” aren’t that bad either, and it’s not the same one tune over and over again!). Baby has been very happy with the bouncer, especially because or the vibrating/bouncing, cause it seems to help a bit for those colic symptoms. And it’s way more comfy to sit like at the livingroom with us than the car seat we’ve been using before. So we’d highly recommend this (kinda) product for any parents with a newborn (even if you don’t have colic!).

We’ve also changed our previous milk formulas (Nan and Arla Organic baby) a bit and added also Nutrilon Omneo (a product by Nutrica) which is a powder formula designed for babies with colic or other problems with normal basic fromulas. Even with the right dosing (water and powder), it seems to be a bit more “heavier” then normal formula, so we’ve mixed it (like 60/40) with those basic milk formulas, so it’s easier to feed from the bottle.
Since Mommy A isn’t breastfeeding, it never even started properly (cause of the c-section and since Miss M spent first 3 days at the NICU), and at home with all the colic and crying&screaming we totally gave up and anyway there would’ve not been enough milk coming anyway.

And we don’t even have enough energy to care what some other mom’s or nurses are thinking. Since she’s growing very well (she’s at +3 line at the growth chart with both height and weight!), and eating well even with colic, we came to the conclusion, that the most important thing is that the baby eats, no matter if it’s bereastmilk or formula!
And we also believe that a baby with enough stress with her tummy already, doesn’t need any more stress with the idea that we would’ve tried to only feed her with breastmilk. Many people have commented that “it just needs time and patience, and then the milk starts coming and baby will get all the milk from mommy”! We’ll we told them previously that they are more than welcome to come and see how we tried that with a screaming baby, many many times!

Since the colic symptoms started, we bought all those “gas-drops” recommended by professionals to ease the colic symptoms (in Finland those are Cuplaton, Kuplastop and Disflatyl and those contain dimethicone and simethicone, there is some difference between those two ingredients). At first it seemed that Cuplaton (dimethicone) was helping but after few weeks trying both of these products, it seemed that the symptoms were only getting worse! (and all these meds are like $20 per bottle… so for us, it was all waste of the money… and time/nerves!). The best “results” have so far been with Nutrilon powder,and since the price per litre for ready formula is the same as any other, it’s been the best decision to give it a try! So we have a little less crying & pains and a little more sleep! ūüôā

(Nutrica also has fromula powders like for milk- and/or soy allergy, but those products are way more expensive. Though you can buy those from like any supermarket, if your baby really has even symptoms of allergy, you can get a prescription from the doc and get it way cheaper from the pharmacy, at least here in Finland!)

6 viikkoa t√§ynn√§ | the whole 6 weeks

Viimeiset pari viikkoa on t√§√§ll√§ blogin puolella ollut kovin hiljaista. Ty√∂t ovat kovasti vieneet menness√§√§n arkena (√Ąiti B:n) ja illat ja viikonloput ovat menneet vauvaa hoitaessa ja koliikin (oireiden) kanssa valvoessa. Eli viel√§k√§√§n ei o√∂e ollut havaittavissa mit√§√§n suurempia muutoksia parempaan (pahimmillaan pikkuneiti itkee/huutaa 02.00-03.00 asti alkaen joskus klo 21..). Eiv√§tk√§ p√§iv√§tk√§√§n ole helppoja. Meill√§ kun “p√§ikk√§reit√§” nukutaan puolen tunnin jaksoissa. T√§h√§n menness√§ taitaa 4h y√∂unta putkeen olla enn√§tys…
Saimme tutuilta lainaan Fisher Pricen “t√§risev√§n” sitterin, jota voi tietysti heijata my√∂s tavallisen sitterin tapaan. Se on hieman helpottanut iltoja, ja sitterin mukana tullut kaari on t√§ynn√§ el√§inhahmoja, vilkkuvia valoja ja mukavaa musiikkia. Ne kiinnostavat nyt jo, mutta varmasti niist√§ on enemm√§n iloa sitten kun vatsavaivat helpottavat ja meill√§ on “iloinen vauva” (ajatus, joka tuntuu nyt viel√§ niiiin kaukaiselta!).


Saimme my√∂s mukaan avaamattoman paketin Nutrilon Omneo vastikejauhetta, joka on erityisesti vatsavaivoista k√§rsiville vauvoille. Olemme nyt testanneet sit√§ tavallisten vastikkeiden (NAN ja Arla organic baby) ohessa. Nutrilonin jauhe vaan tuntuu olevan ohjeen mukaan valmistettuna kovin “j√§nkki√§” eli ei ollenkaan niin juoksevaa kuin nestem√§inen vastike. Se on hieman kuin sy√∂tt√§isi laihaa velli√§ tuttipullosta. Nyt on viel√§ paha sanoa onko se auttanut vai pahentanut oireita. Vaippaan tuleva tuotos on kiinteytynyt, mutta kova “kingerrys” k√§y aina ruokailun j√§lkeen.

Hankimme my√∂s jo aikaisemmin kokeillun Cuplatonin jatkeeksi toista melko samanlaista tuotetta, Kuplastop:ia (Leiras, vaikuttava aine sama kuin Disflatyl:iss√§). Tuota on nyt k√§ytetty pari p√§iv√§√§, annostuksen mukaan ehk√§ 4 tai 5 kertaa (annostus 2-4 kertaa p√§iv√§ss√§), mutta ainakaan viel√§ ei mit√§√§n selke√§√§ helpotusta ole ilmennyt (on hyvin tahnamaista ja “ensitunnelmat” ovat ett√§ aine on vain pahentanut vatsakipuja… Ett√§ onko kyse vain sopimattomasta tuotteesta vai vaatiiko alku totuttelua…).

Update in english coming later: This whole topic needs a whole own post in english… We are still living with severe colic and there is one very tired baby and two tired mommas in our household…!