Viikko 37/38 | Week 37/38

We had a week 37 (36+3) check-up on July 3rd at the hospital (w/doc and midwife), and by ultrasound measurements, the baby already weights 3620g/7lb 15oz …! So it’s not gonna be a small one!

Though due to the gestational diabetes, they were talking that the pregnancy will be induced by/on due date (July 29th) if it doesn’t start naturally before that… And Mommy A’s BP was 145/95, so she’s gonna go to the maternity clinic twice a week for some more tests… (they said that only the high BP isn’t a sign of pre-eclampsia, but that’s why they are monitoring it now. And the urine test was ok.)

Though we knew that the baby isn’t gonna be a small (or short) one since Mommy A is 6’1″/185cm tall and the donor about 5’10”) but average weight at week 37 is normally 2800-3100g / 6lb 3oz – 6lb 13oz…


On Saturday night (July 6th) we made “an emergency visit” to our hospital’s maternity ward, because Mommy A started having some pre-eclimpsia symptoms (mild headache, some vision blurring and cause she had some “puffyness” in her face/eyelids..even when she had been drinking enough fluids daily…). But after being at the monitors for like 45mins and after urine test and fetal heart rate monitoring, it turned out that everything was ok (and Mommy A’s BP had actually turned towards better, it was closer to normal 120/80 than it was few days earlier!), so we didn’t have to stay and spend the night there!

Though it has been (finally, dont know if its good/nice now at the moment and while being pregnant) hot/summer in here, +25c/ 77F and over, so that alone can cause “puffyness” and higher blood pressure…

But at least now we know, that if not sooner, the baby will born by July 29th. We have an appointment with the hospital doc and midwife on July 24th and then we’ll start to look for what’s the best option to start to induce the labour! So only 3 more weeks to go and our little one will be here! ❤

While we are excited, all this extra worrying has taken its tool on us! Either one of us haven’t had much energy to do anything during the last weekend (besides taking dogs for a walk and to the dogpark). And after all this, the idea of being awake every 2hrs to feed the baby (breastfeed or bottle) feels like “a piece of cake” cause then he/she will be with us (outside the womb 🙂 ) and we don’t have to worry about any pregnancy related problems anymore!


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