Helsinki Pride 2013

Here are some pics from today’s Helsinki Pride 2013 parade! Our “tummyalien” had a first pride experience today, though he/she doesn’t know it yet :D. Maybe next year we’ll be part of the parade too (today Mommy A was way too tired to walk much… Only 4 weeks left!).

Though her gaybybaby tummy got a lot of lovely attention today! And the weather was nice, not too hot and no rain!
And there were way more people than I’ve ever seen before (since….1997, I guess….). Tons of cool costumes, balloons, and cool Tom of Finland fans and “bear gays”.

And also many seniors and rainbow families. Even US Embassy was attending. I guess they were celebrating the end of DOMA and Prop8 in the US!

(Please do not copy any of these pics, if you wish to borrow/use some of these, do email us first, thanks!)



3 thoughts on “Helsinki Pride 2013

  1. That first photo is fantastic! Love all the balloons. It makes the whole crowd look cohesive (all marching together) rather than just a random bunch of people, I’m not sure if that makes sense? Plus it has that lovely party atmosphere, especially the photos of the people with balloons in the park. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mahti homma! Olin lähes samassa kohtaa stockmanilla oman raskausmahani ja tulevan lapsemme toisen äidin kanssa. Meillä laskettuaika tosin vasta lokakuussa. Onnea teille, pian pääsette nauttimaan perhe-elämästä ❤

  3. Heh! Löysin tämän blogin ihan tuossa muutama kymmen minuuttia sitten ja nyt bongasin itseni eräästä Pride kuvasta, hämmentävää 🙂

    Mukavaa lukea teidän elämästä ja onnea! Ehkä meilläkin näin viellä joskus 🙂

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