Laiska lauantai… | Lazy Saturday…

Vauvaa kovasti odotellessa ja vatsan pyöristymistä seuratessa (ja kaikkien tuttujen tuoreita vauvakuvia katsellessa) on ihana kun on nämä “karvaiset vauvat”, jotka nauttivat siitä kun saavat huomiota ja vapaapäivän aamuista kun pääsee “laumanjohtajien” sänkyyn köllimään eikä ole kiire mihinkään!

Ja kohta pääsee lenkille ulos kun aurinko paistaa ja silloin tuntuu ettei -10c pakkanenkaan niin haittaa.


While we still have a bit over 4 months until the baby will arrive and we are following how Mommy A’s tummy keeps on growing (and we’re looking many of our friends having spring babies and posting pics of the cute little ones), we are lucky to have our cute “furry babies” to cuddle with!

They both especially love it when it’s weekend morning and then they are allowed to come to the “pack leaders” bed to take a nap ❤ (Nala is barking and running in her dreams 😀 ), while Nuka the Basenji is constantly yearning for attension, being like "rub my tummy" all the time ❤

And while many times these to can really be "evil twins",(when they decide to do something, especially Nuka. Like now when she has currently decided to destroy the sofa ,which is an old one and at the dogs room (so its ment for them), but now the room is full of foam filling when Nuka has eaten half of the sofa *sigh) thay can also be at the same time the cutest and most loving dogs!

We seem to have some new readers from a new country, Estonia! Welcome!


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