What to Expect When You’re Expecting

I recently watched this movie… just for fun. I didn’t expect much more than just ***-comedy that you decide to see when you have nothing better to do. The trailer promised a lot (it has J.Lo and Cameron Diaz…) but most of the movie was just out of real life… though Elizabeth Banks did a great role (who honestly told how it feels like to be pregnant!!!).

But the main “pregnancy symptoms” on this movie were just being tired, feeling “a bit sick” and how hard it is to be pregnant… Although you cannot expect a mainstream Hollywood movie to show all the gross details (how’s the delivering the baby for real… or that pregnant women do snore (A LOT!)… and they also do fart (A LOT!)… etc.!

But the best part of the movie was “The Dudes group”! Dads (or future dads) meeting at the park every Saturday…. I mean is this a plot line from real life (are there dad groups out there…?!?) or is it just fiction…? But anyway this trailer 2, which is mostly about dads, is awesome! I wanna be a part of some “dads/dudes” group too!!!

-Mommy B-


One thought on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting

  1. Haha! I haven’t watched this movie yet. If it were just about the dudes group, I bet it would have been super awesome! I hate the way hollywood simplifies pregnancy and makes us all look crazy.

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