5.viikko (4+6) / 5th week (4w+6d)

Viides viikko jo menossa ja tuntuu siltä että viime lauantaista ja plussasta olisi kulunut jo ainakin useampi viikko… Jotenkin sitä vaan niin kovasti odottaa 8. viikolle pääsyä, jotta voidaan mennä ultraan katsastamaan, että mitä siellä kohdussa tapahtuu! (youtubesta ei pitäisi katsoa ihania 8vk ultra-videoita, joissa sikiö jo ihan “hilluu” kohdussa…!
Nyt tuntuu vaan niin oudolta, että enää ei tarvitse miettiä inssirumbaa seuraavalle viikolle.. Sen kaiken kanssa oli jo niin tottunut elämään.

It’s now 5th week going and it feels like more than week would have passed since last Saturday and positive pregnancy test (well, actually two..). We are just waiting for our first ultrasound on week 8 to really see what’s going on there! (and while we are waiting, youtube should be banned, cause it’s full of cute week 8 ultrasound videos!!!)
It feels so funny, that suddenly we don’t have to think about next insemination rounds for the next week… We lived with that routine for so long, that it almost feels like something is missing…



2 thoughts on “5.viikko (4+6) / 5th week (4w+6d)

  1. Enjoy every minute. How’s your appetite? No morning sickness yet huh? I’m back in the two week wait today so send me some good conception vibes please!

    • Tons of good wibes to you! (I have kinda started to hate the word “babydust”…. everyone is sending babydust wishes!) Momy A got preggers when she had bad flu (feverish etc.) so with us it wasn’t “just relax and it will happen”.

      And after insemination rounds she jammed her back (and hadto eat tons of strong pain meds, so we were thinking that she would not even feel possible AF signs/cramps and were sure it coudn’t work…) so this was, healthvice, the worst round and still we made it! 😀

      So good wibes ❤ (and get that flu from somewhere, it helped us 😀 )

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