Pregnancy quotes, right from the source

I found this amazing dad-blog and there are so many great posts about how to deal w/pregnant women 😀 so here are the best parts: quotes from pregnant ladies! (I hope that these help all those who are husbands/boyfriends/partners/girlfriends of a pregnant woman!)

1. Well, I suspected I was pregnant with baby number 2 when I threw a full out tantrum in the middle of the mall because Pretzel Time didn’t accept credit cards…. my poor husband was so embarrassed. I’ve never wanted anything so badly in my life, sure enough, a week later, I got a positive pregnancy test.

2. I yell at him a lot and question everything he does.

3. I cry every time we argue. And sometimes I get mad at him and start an argument when its not necessary. Then I tell him he needs to not argue back so it doesn’t upset me and that makes me cry more.Poor guy! he’s so confused…but he understands its my hormones. and when I’ve calmed down, i explain why.

4. I cant stand the smell of my husband! Every time he is near me I feel sick (he is very clean so it’s not a hygiene thing) but he gets pis*ed of because I do everything to stay away from him when he gets home and I don’t know how to tell him.

5. Even though he tons of things for me, I STILL yelled at him, and I feel really horrible about it now! I found that if I had problems with other people or just a bad day in general, I took it out on him even though he didn’t deserve it.

And also this post is great:

And also great dad-blog in Finnish: Isyyspakkaus


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