KP 11 / CD 11 and the second “batch” of sperm!

Eli tänään oli ohjelmassa kierron toinen inssi, jonka takia jouduimme hieman ajelemaan ympäriinsä, mutta mitäpä sitä ei tekisi tämän asian eteen (kun ei kuitenkaan kovin pitkästä matkasta ollut kyse…). Huomenna (ke) olisi mahdollisesti kierron kolmas “satsi” tiedossa… mutta torstaina pidämme sitten välipäivän ja jatkamme asian parissa ahkerammin viikonloppuna, jolloin kaikilla on vapaata ja aikatauluja on helpompi yhdistellä 🙂

So today we had our 2nd batch of sperm for this cycle… though we had to do a bit driving to get it, but after all it wasn’t so far and what you would not do to get what you need (there are moments when we feel like we are drug addicts trying to locate our dealer and meet on various places to get what we need… but that’s just our humor.. though being addicted to drugs isn’t topic for a humor, but sometimes we do feel that this is very “similar” when we are waiting for a text message from our donor about where to meet and when…So I guess we will have some more sperm tomorrow and then we will have one day off (Thursday) and then we’ll continue during the weekend until Monday or Tuesday (Nov. 6th.)… It all depends on our donors and our own work schedules…

But it’s so nice to see that we have some new readers from Belgium and Italy! Welcome!


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