Ihania vauvanvaatteita ja kenkiä / Cute baby clothes & shoes

Mommy B here, hi!
When it comes to cute baby clothes and shoes, it seems that nowdays (w/babyfever) I gotta avoid all those departments at stores… But when you are online, you find yourself googling everything cute! (and I don’t mean pink or baby blue stuff, but something that would be cute for even a boy or a girl…)

Like these, little Dr. Martens boots ❤ (image: babywit.com)






Or these cute little Converse trainers (image: http://noor-art.blogspot.com)

There is also a cool Finnish baby/toddler webshop Handmade by Jenni K It has very cool prints with retro colors and graphics ❤ and there even seems to be some products for adults too 🙂

It’s good that we both think that girls can wear something else than pink too, and even a boy can wear like purple converse sneakers… It doesn’t mean to be “gender neutral”, but that it doesn’t have to be that obvious…

And lately, when Mommy A was having her dose of hormones, I started wondering even more about the fact that how the other parent (when the baby is born) will “bond” with the baby, no matter if you are a father or 2nd mother (and if you are “the other mom” who is not considering starting / trying to breastfeed too..).

So Cup Of Jo has great post about “8 confessions of a new dad” which is great read. Though I*m not as clueless w/babies like some new dads might be, I still can relate to those feelings (even with the fact that we dont really even have the baby yet…). I guess it all comes from the idea of being “the outsider” from the bond that birth mother has with the baby.


One thought on “Ihania vauvanvaatteita ja kenkiä / Cute baby clothes & shoes

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