KP17 / CD17 DPO 4/6 :)

It’s DPO 4/6 (we are not sure) today and we are really anxious to know if the Clomid/Clomifen has made “it’s magic” this time! We now have like a week (or a bit over) to know the results… Mommy A mentioned today that there has been some “nipping” going on at her lower abdomen… So we wanna hope, as always, that it will be because of the implantation…
And it’s nice to notice that we have some new readers from India and South Africa! Welcome! ❤

If any of you readers have experiences with Clomid/Clomifen or some other hormonal fertility drug (and I’m not talking about IVF-treatments, but just the lighter versions, some “hormonal boosts” that help the egg (or sperm, if you are a straight couple etc.) to grow better or to give it some extra speed (if you have “lazy eggs” or problems w/fellobian tubes, like if you just own one/or just only one is active etc. do share your story!

You can comment to this post or send us an email (address is on the top right column of our blog!) I hope all of you will have a happy and relaxing weekend! 🙂

(sorry to our Finnish readers that this is in English only, Mommy B here writing, and for me it’s more natural to write like this, though I’m native Finn, but since we have readers around the globe, I’m just going like this now… But when there is something more important to update, and we hope so that soon we will, then we’re gonna also write in Finnish again 🙂 )


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