Hello readers!

It’s been nice to notice that we seem to have many new readers from all over the world! 🙂 ❤ Hello USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Russia and Germany! Welcome!

While we are still TTC (trying to consieve) we do have some more quiet moments… When we try to live our life and not think about “baby stuff” too much… But we would love to know if you’ve been reading our blog and got something “out of it” (advice, support, tips or are you reading just for fun…?).

We do moderate comments because of spam and “porn mail” (no, we don’t need Viagra…), but we try to accept comments asap! So if you comment and you don’t see it right away, don’t panic, we will usually make it visible within few hours (when we are not sleeping etc.). And we do check comments that had been mistaken as spam and recover those too!

Between posting news/updates here, we just try to relax and have fun! We hope that all of you have had a nice weekend! (our basenji Nuka always knows how to relax ❤ and she makes sure that she gets enough cuddles from her favorite humans! )

Nuka relaxing


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