Kohti uutta ovulaatiota / Hunting for the next ovulation…

Kiertopäivä 9 menossa.. Istun töissä rauhallisena lauantaina ja selaan myytävien asuntojen ilmoituksia ja teen lottoveikkausta… 🙂 Tilasimme uusia ovulaatioliuskoja netistä ja ne odottaa keittiönkaapissa maanantaita, jollon viimeistään alan “tikuttamaan”. Edellisessä kierrossa luotin liiaksi edellisten kiertojen kulkuun ja tuntui että myöhästyimme lopulta.

Eilen tapasimme uuden, toisen luovuttajan. Tapaaminen sujui mutkattomasti keskustellen käytännön asioista.. Luottamuksen rakentaminen vaatii tietysti aikaa. Alustavasti sovimme ensimmäiseksi luovutuspäiväksi keskiviikon, eli kp 13.

Tämä kulunut viikko on ollut kiireinen ja kaikenlaisten sotkujen sävyttämä.. Olen nukkunut liian vähän ja stressinsietokyky on ollut nolla! On ollut pahaa mieltä ja murhetta. 😦 Kuitenkin viikolla suuresti piristi Nukan löytämä yllätys ulkoa, joka mun oli pakko ottaa mukaani. Nalle on vähän likainen ja alaston, mutta väkisinkin se toi toivetta ensi viikkoon ja uusiin yrityksiin.

(This is a pic of a teddy that our Basenji found outdoors during our hike, someone had lost it… it’s still dirty and all, but it looks like Winnie The Pooh.. but we’re gonna keep it anyway.. and we hope that it’s “a sign” 🙂 ..that there will be some day a small person who will love it! though dogs would love to play w/it right now anyway…)

It’s now CD 9/10… and we are gonna start catching the next ovulation on Monday Sept. 10th… and ovulation should happen anytime between Wed. 13th to Fri. 15th. ! But you never can be too sure with that, so that’s why we ordered larger batch of LH-testers online.. so that we can make at least one test per day.

We have a new donor candidate (b/c our previous donor is doing business traveling so much during the next few months and we’ve already tried 4 times with him previously… And our new donor is like 10..14 years younger than 1st donor… And he has done this before through clinic and he has a young daughter, so there might be better chances that those “swimmers” are more active 🙂 (though we do wanna get to know our donors just a little bit more than just to get sperm… so it’s always been up to them on how much they want to tell about themselves and how anonymous they want to be.

As you know, the fact is that we are not looking for a part-time dad/a funder or “financial support” for our hopefully future child, but of course it would be nice to keep in touch w/the donor so later, when the time would be right, he could meet the kid and the kid would know who his/her dad is (b/c you cannot tell to the kid forever that you just have two mommies.. they will know sooner or later about how “babies are made”…)!

But before we get too ahead w/things… the nr. 1 thing is still to get pregnant…. so, that’s the main goal for the next week! And then there is again that two weeks to wait…
(while we know that it’s extremely boring to read this blog when we are guessing is it gonna be plus or minus…. two lines or not… )


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