DPO 13 / CD 28 today (friday Aug. 31st)

Aunt Flow has not come yet (She is a bit late…) and Mommy A is gonna have some new bloodwork done tomorrow (or today b/c it’s 2.30 am now…).. (just been wondering why the periods are nicknamed “Aunt”… Why not Mother-in-law etc… :D).

But alteast now we know what we are gonna do tomorrow morning and all the weekend…. We’re gonna pee on a stick!!! Sounds fun, huh 😀 but reading all those mommy boards on the internet just makes you go insane!!! “how many DPO’s before you git BFP” etc… Ans the list of symptoms… Those same symptoms can match with anything from PMS to hangover… Or infected appendix… Or that you just simply have food poisoning…

And all those pic galleries of ovulation or preg test sticks “do you think this is positive? Etc… and there are tons of those… Just now I feel like I’like to comment that “wait for around 39 weeks and you’ll fins out!” and all those straight couples who whine that they gotta have sex 3-5 times a week during ovulation (who are trying in a traditional way).. But hey, atleast you have (?) fun while doing it… We should have filmed our “babymaking moments” so some people who whine would have some perspective… (and now i’m not talking about couples who go to the clinics to make babies..).

So this was now just my 2 cents about all this! We’ll update something more when we know more!


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