Sekalaisia oireita / All sorts of symptoms

Nyt 5-10 päivää oletetun ovulaation jälkeen Äiti A on ollut kovin väsynyt ja flunssainen (on yleensä hyvin harvoin sairaana). Nettipalstoilta (ulkomaalaiset) on tullut luettua, että väsymys ja flunssan kaltaiset oireet (ilman kuumetta) saattavat johtua juuri alkion kiinnittymisestä kohtuun (elimistö käyttää kaikki “voimavarat” alkion hengissa pysymiseen), joten immuunipuolustus voi helposti laskea ja erilaisten tautien mahdollisuus kasvaa…

Vielä emme ole liian innoissaan näistä ikävistä oireista (vaikka ne viittaavatkin hyvään suuntaan), koska jo itse raskautumisen yrittämisen prosessi voi itsessään jo pelkästään olla rankka (kun sitä spermaa ei ole kotona “omasta takaa” ) jolloin voisi vaan sanoa hep! Ja “homman voisi hoitaa” vaikka heti ja useamman kerran päivässä (ja se yrittäminen on kuulemma heteropariskunnilla, ainakin aluksi, varsin hauskaa 😛 )

We had predicted the ovulation date (counting with iPhone app with the last 6 months or periods) for Wed. August 15th (and before that we did home-IUI for 3 days, mon-wed). But on saturday 18th the Clearblue digital ovulation tester showed the smily face. Which was a bit of a surprise, because on Aug. 15th the cervix was “very excited” and by view I (Mommy B) was so sure that this is the date!

So Mommy A got a bit worried and that’s why we tried to connect our donor, and we reached him on Sunday 19th and got one more “delivery” of sperm… But now, since yesterday Aug. 21st, Mommy B has had tons of fatigue and lots of flu/cold like symptoms… And not to get too ahead with anything, but today it would be 7 to 9 days after the conception, so the implantation (normally 6-12 days) could be possible..

She’s also been very “moody” (but in a good way ❤ ). She is very emotional, cries easily (not typical for her)… So this is either just stress + cold/flu at the same time or… there might be a chance that there is something growing and happening at her uterus…!

But we still have around a week to wait before we can make the first test…(and with a thing like this, week seems to be a looooooong time!!! It’s so sad to see her being sick (a little, but even that feels hard now. No fever but other flu symptoms), but I have read from many different sources, that some women do have mild flu/cold like symptoms during implantation… Because the body is focusing all it’s energy to keep the fertiled egg alive and implantate it, so that’s why the immune system is on “low mode” and you can get sick (though not everyone does…).


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