Välikevennystä / Some humor for a change

Rankan “ahertamisen” vastapainoksi on välillä hyvä lähestyä aihetta myös huumorilla. Vaikka yritykset raskautua voivatkin olla rankkoja niin ainakin meidän huushollissa aihetta osataan välillä lähestyä myös huumorilla. Tässä parhaita paloja thebump.com sivustolta otsikoilla “Pahimmat raskauden yrittämisen (TTC, trying to concieve) neuvot”  😀

Trying to concieve (or shortly TTC) can be pretty rough sometimes, but atleast in our relationship good humor helps (we had some funny/embarassing moments the last time during fall 2011… spilled sperm etc.. but we’ll get back to those moments later..)

Worst TTC Advice Ever

“When you stop trying it will happen.”

“Just get drunk and you’ll get pregnant!” Right because I HAVE to be intoxicated for the sperm to know where it’s going.”

“Try not to take a big poo after ovulating. You’ll push everything out.” Obviously…

“You want some of my husband’s sperm? His works REALLY well!” From a friend who just had her second baby.”

“My cousin told me it was because we didn’t have enough tragedy going on in our lives right now… He and his wife got pregnant when went they were flat broke and both jobless.”

“You do know which parts go where right? You are doing it right? Right? Maybe try reading a book about sex and make sure you’re doing it right. From my grandma.”

“Don’t wear tampons anymore, European women don’t have infertility problems because they don’t wear tampons”




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